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Is this the dps rating list that everyone's looking at and going by?

Or has there been an updated listing with the new armor? Because I can tell you that I've pvp'd with my #16 rating madness sorc in 236-240 mixed armor and have won my share of 1v1's and held my own with up to as many as 3 opponents on many occasions until assistance could arrive. Maybe I was just lucky and all of those other players just sucked and I don't know how to really play at all.
As a pvper you should know that parsing charts mean jack in pvp, it all comes down to player skill as well as DCDs.
Iíve also won my share of 1v1 against Maraís and Mercs while on my Sorc. But thatís because they were crap. Just the other day I won a 1v3 encounter again a Mara, Merc and another Sorc. I didnít win because Iím a superstar. I won because they were seriously bad.

But none of that matters because itís not about how well or bad you or I play, itís how well the class is balanced and sadly itís not balanced.

Also Bolster has now been increased to 252. So your 236-240 gear is bolstered to to 252, which the majority of people are playing with at the moment. Itís probably the best time to see how balanced the classes are while most people have similar stats.
The best way to do that is find a bunch of people of similar skill and use the guild challenge option. You can then choose 8v8 or 4v4 mode.