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01.10.2019 , 08:16 AM | #15
Most of this makes me laugh because any good pvper knows that Sorcs are underperforming compared to all other classes.
Anyone who thinks they are doing great damage should look at the current player base skill lvl in pvp. Most donít know a DCD if it hit them in the head.
Yes there are some exceptional Sorcs players, but they are the top of the 1% still left on the game and will make the worst spec of any class seem OP because of player skill, not because the class is balanced or OP.
For the last 2.5 years Sorcs (especially lightning) have been at the bottom of the pack in pvp with regards to balance and damage. They do have good survivability, but thatís pointless if you canít kill anything.
Any two reasonably good players of similar skill with one on a Sorc and one on just about any other class should equal a loss to the Sorc.
But throw a Sorc against any of the current top 4 classes and itís a slaughter. You can only stay alive for so long till they kill you because here is no way you can do enough damage to kill them. I donít mind playing against OP classes if there is a chance, but when you hit like a wet towel, itís kind of pointless trying. You may as well grab your butt and kiss your ankles. Itís less painful that way.
Iíve played my Sorc for 7 years. First in 8v8 ranked and then 4v4 ranked. Iím no stranger to the class or any class as I play all 24 specs in the game. Iíve seen Sorcs be OP, semi balanced and absolute crap. Sorcs arenít crap at the moment, but they arenít close to being balanced.
A lot of the problems stem from how they compare to other classes in pvp and all the OP survivability that most classes have these days.
I certainly donít want Sorcs to be OP. I hate playing an OP class and so I usually put a class back on the shelf for a bit if it becomes OP.
The only way to balance a lightning Sorc better is to reduce some (not much) of its survivability and increase some of itís burst damage. At the moment the balance is too much in favour of survivability over dps. This shouldnít be that hard to do and would hopefully balance the spec better and put it in the middle of the pack. Instead of dead last.
Lastly, any dummy parsing numbers used since the new gear is irrelevant. Of course they are doing more damage in pve with higher gear, thatís the idea. But in pvp, every other class also got the same boost and they are doing more damage too.
The OP might be slightly over reacting out of frustration. But they arenít wrong when they say they need a buff or better yet, a class balance.