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why always starting a new topic?

the problem is, that you have to find a way between pve and pvp. in pvp the sorcs'n'sages are performing really well, depending on their skill. but you are very mobile and you have tons of abilities, to get out. also the amount of damage you can do, is insane. so mostly i'm even with a tk sage one of the top dps. but you really should now how to deal with it, true.

and here is the problem. it is not, that the sorcs'n'sages can't, it is their players. and if the majority is failing playing these speccs, there is something wrong with it. so you have to cut of the top players overperforming with it and the bottom, even undercutting basic lightsaberdamage. i slight buff should be okay, and i think that this wouldn't have hugh effects in pvp or pve. but just a lil bit.
but! the sorcs'n'sages needs some changes to the amount of damage, the different abilites are causing. so i often see ppl playing a wrong "rotation" what causes an insance loss of dps. so it is totally true, that wrong played dps sorc/sage is more underperforming, than another wrong played range dps. and here is the buttom we have to push.

so of course the top players would claim, that this is a learn2play topic and they are right with it!
but it doesn't matter, if the majority is failing with this class. so there is a need to change it a bit,
without having a hugh impact.

an example?
many burst spec players forget to use <affliction>. it causes an auto-crit of <thundering blast>! they are still claiming to be good dps players
and even the ones, caring about it, don't use it on multiple targets, even if they know, that <chain lightning> is refreshing the dot. tiny detail, but hugh effect.

so a rework of the sorcs'n'sages is needed: yes.
but there is really no need to push the dps so much, many try to claim.

if they really would increase the dps of them, they need to nerf their mobility and deffs
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