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Operative is a bit in a tricky spot tbh.
In PvP, the class can be one of the most OP you'll see around, but the skill cap is so high that very few operative can make this work.
In PvE, it's again, a matter of skill. A good operative will do insane numbers (at least a Lethality, not so sure about Concealment, who is only really good in PvP) and a bad one will just slow you down for the entire fight.

Hope this helps ^^
Helped a ton. I decided to just finish out the leveling on my operative. Once I got into it it feels very similar to my assassination rogue in wow and it's cruising. The way it plays is alot like my dirty fighting gunslinger which helps a ton as well. Just the melee aspect.

Combined with what has become my favorite healing spec in the game I'm digging it. Will hopefully find a team that wants heals/dps operative for hm+