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Well, there aren't many options. There needs to be balance between damage and control. You cannot have both. And when I mean damage, I mean both Sustained and burst. If you have both damage and control, you have frost mages. So BW needs to figure out something.
That's the whole problem, though. Sorcs don't have amazing damage; they have the lowest single-target damage of any dps.

When people look at the damage done on the scoreboard and freak out about Sorcs, they do not realize that the vast majority of that damage is coming from dots and aoes. I can do the same amount of damage as my Sorc on my PT pretty easily; the difference is that my PT is generally single-target outside of Death From Above. So when I am breaking 300-400k damage, I am doing that to single players and blowing them up.

On my Sorc, it means I found a good group of people to shoot Chain Lightning/Death Field/Force Storm into to pad my numbers.

What Sorcs do have is control, and tons of it.

Frost mages had not only amazing control, but also incredible controlled burst capability on top of much better defenses than any Sorc. Apples and oranges.

If you take away that control, they don't have any on-demand burst or real defenses outside of Static Barrier.

The only thing keeping them alive to do damage IS the CC that everyone wants taken away.

I can tell you right now, if you nerf their CC, you've pretty much made them even more of a free win for my PT. There won't be a Sorc alive who can stand up to a good melee ever again.
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