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Hi NeNiMel,

I've completed an analysis of Mercenary|Commando healing, and would like to share with you some findings that may be of interest.

Disregarding Critical Reaction|First Responder, for a Mercenary|Commando PVE healer, the ideal amount of Critical from gear is:
1. 363 with 3 Surge Enhancements,
2. 396 with 4 Surge Enhancements, or
3. 420 with 5 Surge Enhancement.

Treating Critical as a matter of personal preference as you stated in the OP is valid, however, because my model shows that healing with non-BIS Critical shouldn't fall short of healing with BIS Critical by more than 1%. Compared to 0 Critical, the above ideal amount of Critical is expected to increase EHPS by 0.66%, 0.80%, or 0.91% with 3, 4, or 5 Surge Enhancements, respectively.

With 5 Surge Enhancements, the 200 to 300 Critical that you recommend in the OP is expected to underperform the above ideal amount of Critical by only 0.24% to 0.07%. In my view, the headline isn't that 420 Critical is ideal when you have 5 Surge Enhancements, but rather that it's been proven that Critical is quite flexible. This should come as welcome news for Mercenary|Commando healers who are gearing up, and therefore may have substantial Critical.
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