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I have come to see this as a longer lasting process.
Yoda's confrontation with the Wills in clone wars, specifically the 'you are the beast and the beast is you' makes me think more of a process lasting centuries (all the way back to Darth Bane) besides Lucas has affirmed, and especially SWTOR players who have an 'example of a less corrupt republic - (sort of) that most of the prequel jedi's are made to be seen as arrogant or not a '100% hero material'. basically most of them aren't the good guys, its a tragedy in the making and all involved are culpable to a degree. Palpatine does, imo, accelerate a lot the process by providing military jobs to most jedi yes, but this has happened before without in itself 'blinding the high council to the force'
I'd argue the militarization of the order wasn't itself an issue... There always appears to be some jedi angst about them not being warriors but tbh, they're a martial order that has always had the function of monopolizing (F)force for the Republic as a galactic state. It's their function. The galactic crises always seem to come about from their repeated failure to fulfil their raison d'Ítre. I don't think Palpsy was even that extremely powerful as much as a beneficiary of the jedi again failing their primary charge by getting rendered combat ineffective as an order by series one battle droids in one battle. If Vitiate had it that easy...