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First off, I don't know if this thread already exists somewhere. If it does, it's not getting the attention it needs.

Apart from Ilum there is this little area on Tatooine which was also designated for World PvP. this point it is only used once...just to enter it and get that one little quest out of your quest log.

For me, zones (or little areas in zones) like this make the PvP part of the game a lot more enjoyable and diverse...IF people would actually do something there.
Now, I don't blame players for not going there, since the only thing you can do is hope to find some random chest with a hell of a long spawn time.

Therefore, my "suggestion" is that Bioware add something to make this zone more attractive and worthwhile to go to. Think of dailies, better chest rewards, sustained buffs etc.

I know people will probably point out that adding a "required" zone for PvP, will only lower population on Ilum more, but this is however a; population problem, nothing else.
For me, more stuff to do = more fun.

Let me know what you guys think.