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Thank you captain obvious. We all know that basing a game's population on who uses xfire is an accurate data collection method......similar in nature to those who log on and collect data via /who in fleet. I'm sorry I didn't initially explain that line of thought for you.....
well it was obvious but you missed it still.

and xfire proved accurate measuring aoc's pop decline, WAR's pop decline and RIFT's pop decline, yet for some reason the data is not accurate for TOR right?

rift/war/aoc all had their dedicated fanbois too saying the pop wasn't dying, that xfire was wrong, that the pop was there it was just spread out more now etc etc etc.

we all know how well that worked out for them

if bw suck it up and act now to address the issue rather than burying their heads in the sand to protect their egos and the EA share price then they could still save it:

merge servers
fix ilum
add more wz's, 3 maps is pathetic by anyone's standards.