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This is true but that does not excuse BioWare lag.
I did lots of research on the lag and fully had my ISP do a diagnostic on my network.

Guess what? Most of my lag is at BioWare end!
My worst lag is 17ms to 21ms, but the first hop at BioWare is 29ms and continues to be 30ms or more.

Per standard practice of ISP if anywhere you add up the numbers and it is over 150ms then you have a bad network!

But add up BioWare and it comes to 151ms starting at the first hop at Bioware!
Are you playing on a server across the country or what? I'm confused. I got 19ms total lag ever across the game other than weird spikes and disconnections (most of which are on my end because the idiot that set it up actually used a splitter instead of a directional coupler - something I just realized the other day).