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08.02.2012 , 12:25 PM | #1
hey guys, im not sure if this is just me or if others have the same issue. now i want to start and say i have really bad internet but the past 2 weeks or so (perhaps 1 as i know my internet was bad that week and it was effecting other games) but as of right now all other games i play are perfectly fine.

the problem is when i log in, where the connection bar is will either be 1 bar, then go to the red x and log me out after several minutes or it will be on the red x instantly and log me out after several minutes. on the few times it lets me play i have random connection drops, now i know this could be my internet but surely if it was it would affect other games i play with the same regularity that it does with swtor? which it doesn't, so is it just me or do others have this too?