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I wanted to update also with my Sorcerer, Raion, his older sister, the former Empire's/Emperor's Wrath, and the Outlander, Koneko.

They aren't related, but just both adopted by Zanisk and Adacin. I play her lightside just like Raion. She's older than Raion by ten years. I picture their ages at the start of vanilla, she's 26, he's a baby at 16.

But to her backstory, I don't want a long wall of text, so I'll try to keep it short. Her parents were Cathar (her features favor her father), her father was discovered to be force sensitive by a team of Sith (which included Zanisk and Adacin) and he was forced to become one (still working out specifics, this is just the general idea). Koneko's father was a prospective Sith, her mother an Imperial Citizen. He trained under Zanisk and Adacin, and became their ally and part of their powerbase.

When Koneko was a five, her parents were assassinated by a group of Human and Purebloods who were upset that a lowly Cathar was allowed into the fold and allowed to sully the integrity and legacy of the Sith. She was adopted by her parents friends and allies, Zanisk and Adacin. Five years later, Raion was born.

Zanisk trained Koneko and she spent years as his personal bodyguard before being allowed to train at Korriban. The same would happen with Raion and Adacin.

Moving more into current stories, she's the Outander, she's the one Arcann and Vaylin hunted. She's the one Valkorion wants to inhabit. Raion's actually jealous. They were captured by Arcann together. They were rescued by Lana together. And he may be the Alliance Commander (still plotting specifics, but basically it boils down to little brother wanted to defend his sister), but Koneko is the one everyone is in a hoopla over. He's really jealous after Arcann only broadcasts about Koneko during their escape and adventures through Zakuul.

Going into Inferno, while Raion was troubled with their parents as highilighted above in the post about him, Koneko saw it as the final piece of her training.
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