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Hi guys,
Here's the back story of my bounty hunter character - Corric Vess.

Corric Vess was born in Coruscant and the only child of Merric Sloan, a Republic diplomat and Kara Vess, a Mandalorian exile who fell in love with Merric during peace negotiations between the Republic and the Deathwatch at Mandalore.

At a young age, Corric was found gifted in many forms of competitive sport, particularly in blaster shooting and hand to hand combat. Many of his teachers believed that Corric was born to be a fighter rather than a diplomat, much to the displeasure of Merric who has been trying to groom his son to take over his position in the Republic Senate one day. Corric’s mother on the other hand encouraged him to develop his gifts and even schooled him in Mandalorian lore and history.

When he was old enough to travel alone, Corric left his home at Coruscant and travelled to Mandalore, hoping that he would get the opportunity to trace his mother’s humble origins and be accepted into a Mandalorian tribe for further training. While visiting a local town, Corric was caught in the middle of a war between two waring Mandalorian factions – the Deathwatch and a rebel Mandalorian tribe. Corric was captured by a rebel Mandalorian warrior during the battle and was brought back to the rebel hideout.

Forced to serve the tribe as a slave with the rest of the prisoners of war, Corric soon found favour in Reagar Dyre, the leader of the rebel Mandalorian tribe and the great great grandson of bounty hunter Rohlan Dyre. Reagar took Corric under his wing and trained him in the Mandalorian customs and warfare.

For many years, Corric participated in many of Reagar’s skirmishes to wrestle control of Mandalore from the Deathwatch and grew up to be a battle-harden young man. He was eventually gifted with Rohlan Dyre’s Mandalorian armor by Reagar. Soon, news came from Coruscant that his parents Merric and Kara were killed in a bombing, which prompted Corric to abandon his adopted Mandalorian family and return to Coruscant.

Refusing to accept that his parents’ death was coincidental, Corric broke into the Republic security archive and managed to retrieve all the evidence and reports. He soon began his own investigation and eventually met up with an undercover informant, who told him that the bomb was planted at the conference to take out all Republic diplomats, not just his parents.

Corric soon tracked the assassin down to Nar Shaddaa and forced him to reveal the mastermind of the bombing, which turned out to be Sith Commander Darth Tormen. Corric discovered that in order the attract the attention of Darth Tormen, he needs to first develop a reputation as the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter.

Corric began taking small time bounty hunting jobs at Nar Shadda and came into contact with Braden, a retired bounty hunter who sees potential in him. Braden agreed to negotiate with Nemro the Hutt in Hutta about sponsoring Corric into the Great Hunt.

(Story continues in SWTOR)