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The character I considered my main was a miralian consular, but I've recently been replaying the story with a Chiss character (essentially the same character, but I find that the conflicting origin between the Chiss race and force sensitive class of Jedi Consular just feels a bit more fun to play).

I'm no expert on Star Wars lore (SWTOR is actually my only experience with the frenchise) but as far as I understand the Chiss look down upon force users, or at least Chiss force users within their nation, (if this is wrong, please correct me). So I have taken to imagine that my Chiss consular was an orphan on a non-imperial world who was discovered by a jedi while she was very little.

I feel like the beginning of the consular story suggests that you have at least been with the order for a while, but I don't quite understand why Yuon is your first master then, I never really looked into it but to Jedi have some sort of system they use for children before being assigned to a master?

Anyway, the basic story is just that I like to imagine that she grew up in the order as a result of this background.