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Firewall - Translocate no longer swaps places. Targets debuffs are transferred to you, and defense chance increased by X%. Translocate no longer has a cast time.

Thought of this while doing a operation earlier and discussing with a new PT tank how useless translocate currently is. When he got the giant red circle dot on the Calphayus fight and ran away, I thought how useful it would be if he could take that debuff from dps and such, and tank it to the side so they could stay on the boss. There are a bunch more instances where this could be useful like cascade on izax, various armor debuffs that would normally cause a tank swap, and so on.

Another variation of it could be transferring your debuffs to the target or guarded target, but I like the first take on it more.
This idea is really bad, for many reasons
Firstly, looking at the example you gave regarding Calphayus and his "giant red circle", which I'm guessing you're referring to distortion.
Given this situation you've used, the possibility of a tank getting red circle is unheard of... and considering that tanks have to play around tank swap so knockback tank doesn't get backhanded into oblivion by Calphayus, any time you feel like swapping debuff to take it off a dps sounds like you will just kill your tank, you would probably be called out for trolling or something else. You'll either have a damage debuff yourself on tank swap and then take red circle, which makes no sense and would end up killing your entire melee dps, as the red circle does more damage to your surrounding group members inside the circle and slows them.
I'm not sure how swapping debuffs would help in anyway other than killing your team

I just don't see how an effect like this would ever benefit your ops group, as a constructed team would prepare certain mechanics specifically and rely on tried and true strats like tank swapping if a tank has a significant debuff, which is why you run with two tanks. Swapping debuffs will never change that dynamic, so its a wasted effect.

IF you're in a premade, maybe this can work out, as you can prepare and plan around things, but I feel that there are already effective methods that exist, that supersede this.
However, if you're in a PUG, you're at the complete mercy of randoms who will most likely assume you're trolling or griefing, as they have no idea what you're doing or why, and if you make a mistake when executing this, it will only fuel the fire.

I'd highly suggest simplifying the interaction, for example: Cleanses the target you transpose.
Which... again, would feel pointless, as I highly doubt EAware would permit a cleanse to work on operation debuffs that cannot be cleansed to begin with.
But swapping debuffs feels like a needless sacrifice for one or the other of the transpose members, due to the simple fact that griefers exist (just think of Sorcerer/Sage pull as an easy example of the potential of stupidity that interactions can create), and even if they aren't griefing, all it takes is plain outright selfishness and self preservation to create all sorts of drama.

As for the PVP situations, swapping debuffs on a target you swap with such as stuns, electro net... again, sounds pointless
You're giving your target a benign presense (I call it bubble), which makes them immune to damage, so long as they don't break the effect prematurely.
If you swap the stuns and all the wonderful joy they just received, you're giving a target a bubble, while you get stuns and electronet for your troubles. Again, I fail to see how this could possibly be the right decision, you compromise yourself to protect a target who's probably getting globaballed, now you're in the same position as he was, and you have all his stuns and electro net to boot... while he gets the shield.
How does that solve anything.
In a situation where you save a player from a stun and potential global... I fail to see how you swapping yourself and taking his debuffs when he's immune to damage for 6 seconds solves anything.