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Out of curiosity .... what percentage caps (approximate) would you look for in a DPS character for
1. Accuracy: ( ie. you suggested 110% cap )
2. Mastery:
3. Crits:
4. Alacrity

I know that different classes: trooper / JK / smuggler (and their DS counter parts) use different builds and consequently different percentages.

OH ! While I'm actually thinking about it (senior moment thing going on here) ... any guess if this will be altered that much with the release of 6.0 ?
I am hardly an expert on this subject, there are a few guides around (on these forums and on Reddit) that go into more depth, but the general guidelines for stat distribution are:

  1. Accuracy: you need a minimum of 110% for PVE (PVP can get away with less, ~100-105'ish %). Most suggest ~735 accuracy. That will put you at just under 110% (around a couple hundredths of a point below), which is something like a one in a million miss chance. I generally go for 750 accuracy, which puts you slightly over 110%, but I'm not a min/max'er and 750 is easy to hit with 252 gear and 228 mods (I'm not bothering with 258 gear).
  2. Alacrity: the alacrity thresholds are 702 and 1857 for most classes. 702 gives you a 1.4s GCD while 1857 gives a 1.3s GCD. Whether you try for a 1.3s GCD or settle for 1.4s depends on a number of factors. TK Sage/Lit Sorc have a passive alacrity buff that is easy to keep up, and an active alacrity buff that is a little more situational (but may become less so with 6.0 from looking at the new set bonuses). They can hit a 1.1s GCD with 1229 alacrity and hit an easily sustainable 1.3s GCD with 1097 alacrity. Gunnery Commando/Arsenal Merc and Combat Sentinel/Marauder Carnage all have an alacrity bonus, which changes their threshold numbers, but I'm mostly familiar with Sage/Sorc. If you're min/maxing with bis gear then you'll probably want to hit 1857 (or whatever you need for your class). If you're not, and you're not going to hit the cutoff for the next threshold, then just go for 702. You can get 708 with three pieces of 252 gear.
  3. Mastery: that varies a lot with crit allocation.
  4. Critical: and this varies a lot with your class and the damage type you do. It's my understanding that those classes that primarily do white damage will gain less benefit from having crit over 1800 than those that primarily do force/tech dmg. If your dmg is primarily white then after you hit 1800 crit (or there about) then start stacking mastery. If your dmg is primarily force/tech then push your crit to ~2400 before you start stacking mastery. These numbers will be harder to hit if you're not using 258 gear and 240 augments.

Most of this is just a guideline. Can you do with less than 110% accuracy? Yes, if you're just running around doing PVE dailies or your focus is PVP, but don't try to run a MM OP or FP. On my main, when I'm doing dailies I often won't bother with using an accuracy stim because having less than 110% accuracy doesn't make much of a difference, but for harder content I pop that stim. The alacrity numbers don't have much wiggle room (aside from those classes/specs with alacrity bonuses). Those are hard numbers. If you're not going to hit 702 alacrity and don't have an alacrity bonus then ignore alacrity. If you're not going to hit 1857 alacrity (with gear or gear and bonuses) then stop at 702. Numbers over 702 and under 1857 (without a bonus) are wasted points. Where are the sweet spots for crit and mastery? That's a little harder to say. Does it matter if you don't hit those sweet spots? That depends a lot on what content you're running.

Whether any or all of this will change with 6.0 is unknown. Generally the target numbers have changed with each integer update, and they've said that they are open to looking at alacrity and adjusting it so it's not so thresholdy (but that likely won't come with 6.0).
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