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Disclaimer: the below does not apply in level 70 content, whether synced up / bolstered or just plain level 70 anyway.

If you do any significant amount of gameplay in level-synced content (where you're synced down), stacking mastery, power, or endurance won't help you *at*all* (because you'll be over the local cap) and will, in fact, hinder you because you can't stack those points into Crit and alacrity. (In general, you shouldn't be stacking Accuracy above 110% total, of course.) To be sure, stacking them into Crit won't help *much*, but it will help more than stacking them into Mastery in synced-down content.

Then again, in synced-down content, you're rarely in need of those points anyway.
Out of curiosity .... what percentage caps (approximate) would you look for in a DPS character for
1. Accuracy: ( ie. you suggested 110% cap )
2. Mastery:
3. Crits:
4. Alacrity

I know that different classes: trooper / JK / smuggler (and their DS counter parts) use different builds and consequently different percentages.

OH ! While I'm actually thinking about it (senior moment thing going on here) ... any guess if this will be altered that much with the release of 6.0 ?