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edit 6/30/19: corrected mastery numbers and including tech power and 5% crit buff

in light of alacrity being quantized, i thought perhaps when using the low alacrity build, it might be beneficial to use mastery augments instead of crit due to diminishing returns of crit. since there have been no spreadsheets updated since 5.0, i decided to use a toy model of dps:

dps=(base damage + bonus damage)*(1+crit*surge)*(1+alacrity)/cast_time

this assumes 100% accuracy, and doesnt include really anything. this only works for a single ability.

I'm not sure what values of base damage we have. We could back out some effective value by solving for it knowing the other values.

This is what i found:

base crit mas surge
1500 2124 7720 0
2000 2250 7594 0
2500 2364 7480 0
1500 2184 7660 0.1
2000 2307 7537 0.1
2500 2418 7426 0.1

Where surge is the surge bonus to an ability. base is the base damage of the attack (typically a range).

Assuming 703 alacrity (and 737 accuracy) that gives a minimum crit of 1320 and a max of 2706; and mastery min is 7138 and a max of 8524. As you can see some augments would go to mastery.

Since many abilities have crit and surge bonuses, this will decrease the amount of mastery you want (and this optimization doesnt include using power crystals either).

Back when alacrity was continuous it seemed like crit and alacrity were around 30% better than power or mastery, back in 5.0 (i would have to play with bants sheets to see the actual values) but since alacrity is wasted like accuracy is, that makes the trade between crit and mastery/power, and with crit going into high numbers, there may be reason to use some mastery or power...

the best way i can think of to tell without doing too much work would be do 10 parses using one setup, then ten parses with another setup, then do a two sample t test to see if they are significantly different (low p value)... the other potion would be to take damage info and find the ratio of overall damage contibution from each ability, and use a toy model for each ability with weights for contribution to overall dps (so if force lightning does 10% of damage and saber stike does 90% you have 0.1 and 0.9 weights for those abilities surge, alacrity, crit bonuses).

im not terribly interested in trying to redo bants work on dps in 6.0 (might do tank if the new gear system isnt too complicated), so any input would be nice.