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09.14.2019 , 10:16 PM | #6
I acquired a couple more versions today while exploring on Onderon. I'll update the post tomorrow. I've now seen Tertiary stats as high as 471, which is significant. Also, it looks like none of the Bulwark ears or implants are BiS for tanks. Instead it will be from a choice of the Warding ones.

I agree with everyone's comments. There are too many variants. But, if you're DPS or a healer, Sha'tek is a good way to go. Plus, when an ear or implant drops, and half the time they'll be Sha'tek. Still, if you come across a very high tertiary ear or implant, you might want to keep it.

Who knows, the huge variation might might rekindle theory crafting. There is a lot here to ponder.