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What scares me is that most of the theory crafters have moved on. There will only be a small handful of people left that will create new 6.0 gearing pve/pvp guides for all the different classes. Most popular classes will be addressed first, but then some classes will never even get one. I always revert to those guides to direct me where to go in regards to equipping the best stat of gear for my character.

Adding all these different variations of gear will be a logistical nightmare for me to figure out on my own. As a sniper, how am I to know whether I should use or keep a Mantellian implant as compared to a Systech one. Or to a Baktoid, or a BlasTech one? As a Counselor, which ear piece; Sha'tek or InterroTek, should I keep and continue to use and which should I deconstruct? What if I destroy the better one? (this also applies to the overabundance of choices for mods as well.)

There are too many options to choose from. I know the devs are probably sitting at their conference table saying, "They all whined about not enough options, we finally give it to them, and now their whining there are too many". Well, what can I say? Your damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

I'm not a smart person. Most regular players aren't either. If the real hard core true hero testers on these forums are saying they are having a hard time with this, then there is a real problem that needs to be addressed. I just hope it can be resolved before launch.
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