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11.22.2012 , 09:53 AM | #1080
Team playing based game encourages team play...therefore prelates are ye solo queu is wrong

2 options:stop playing or be social

Also, I can not (after paying a sub) endure to play with randoms when90% of the sw
Swtor pvp community lacks any type of pvp skill..the frustration when solo queuing is just too much to bare, I'm not here to teach,carry or "just play"..yes I'm an elitist jerk, but I never wanted to please everyone anyway..even when in a premade sometimes I get frustrated with the 4 randoms in the team...

I premade to be sure half the team knows what they are doing..since the majority doesn't ..

(this is why I suport rated pvp and rating
Requirements on gear.. Ratings are the only skill mesure available..and skill should be rewarded..not the lack of it)