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iyeah..umm....iunno. I would say that given BW's inability to construct x-server or intuitive queues, a solo only option is the next best thing.

Just thought I'd throw this out there.

PvP Update in 1.2

This was from the 1.2 update, which as we know the PvP aspect was pulled 16 hours or so before the patch. However, I'll direct to this quote here:

Quote: Originally Posted by PvP Update 1.2
The Ranked Warzone matchmaking system will match full groups of eight against one another, solo players against one another, players with similar ratings, etc. However, in order to ensure that players won’t have to wait too long for a match to occur, the system will become more ‘flexible’ over time. Solo and group queued players might be pulled together after a while if needed to launch a match. If a match cannot be made for extended periods of time, then Normal and Rank queued players (except those who queued as a group of five or more) might be pulled together to launch a ‘mixed’ match. Players will always be notified when a mixed match is made on the Warzone enter prompt. The rewards received in mixed matches will be based on how the player queued (type of commendations, rating adjustment if any, etc.).

We know that the flexible matchmaking and mixed matches are not ideal. They are only in until cross-server queuing is available.
While this is refering to ranked, I'd like to note the Biowares orginal idea was a matchmaking system based on some criteria, and that the goal would be solo and premade queues, with cross over to keep the matches fluid. The same idea could work just as well for Non-Ranked.

As for anyone wondering about the -last line- It is in referece to mixed matches/matchmaking of Ranked vs. Unranked players, not Group vs. Solo players.