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11.14.2019 , 04:54 AM | #6
21k...i'm only at 16/17k... would like to see with what gear. All i see in game is sorc heal being 4k to 5k lower than others in same situations. I still need more augments and try with 1.3 sec gcd instead of 1.4 but i'm not sure it will change anything... I will probably change from mystical to restauration set but don't really like to lose innervation cooldown reduction . Anyone tried it ?

I think 6 piece of mystical set is bugged (or not enought efficient). Half tick of resurgence heals 900 hp... and they are not always here.... and resurgence reinitialisation that would be intended to help with force management doesn't work.

I also don't like the +2% alacrity index. I think it would be far better have direct +2% increase on alacrity percentage. percentage augmentation on alacrity has really no efficient effect cause of gcd caps. It could be great if we gain some piece of gear allowed to invest in other stats as aumgents changed from alac to crit/power but with 2% it doesn't impact stat repartition.
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