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The other issue we found in our investigation is that Bolster’s diminishing returns are too generous and giving out too many stats over the course of a set. Our item system uses a diminishing returns formula on each individual stat on a mod, so that putting more and more of a stat on a single mod costs more “item budget.” The Bolster system follows the same formulas, but because it gives more frequent smaller values that are added together, each stat takes a less harsh diminishing returns hit. Taken over the course of an entire set, the result is that a fully Bolstered character tends to have gained some small values in each stat and rating over actual items. To fix this we need to massage some numbers to make diminishing returns affect Bolster stat gains more drastically.

It is important to note that “naked Bolster” is never intended to be better than wearing gear, this is a bug and is going to be fixed.
here's an idea: reapply the OLD, imperfect bolster system and take this crap back to PTS where you know...FIX IT.

as for ppl whining about old bolster: what do you want? you're playing against toons with 20+ more levels of abils. there's no way any sort of "bolster" can reasonably compensate for that. however, it was possible to rectify your dirth of abils by maxing gear. NOW, you go up against someone who has painstakingly max'd his gear, and you stomp him...because you're naked? lol great.

I guess this means I'm out of pvp for a week cuz I can't level until the 15th. then it's about another week to hit 55 just so I don't have to get 2-shot by a 31 in greens. just reset the bolster until you figure out what you're doing. please.