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mfw i click on all spoilers and just find ”Coming Soon”, just remove all you have yet to complete for now, orange text clue is nice but kinda weird if only 2 out of 16 are with info.

Overall, it’s some cool stuff and I think I remember reading about this on reddit quite a while ago, nice to see that the project is starting to take form. My only critique relates somewhat to what Crossward says, the videos are way to long and although they do cover quite a bit of information, it’s not efficiently delivered to the viewer. The initial parts with intro, strategy and tactical explanations are good but far to extended, the later parts with how to apply the knowledge from the previous explanation however are great. As your guides are only looking at hardmode and nightmare, I think that you should spend less time explaining mechanics from storymode and similar basic concepts, it drags out the video way to much.

A small note, I have yet to watch all of your current videos, but I turned the speed to 2.0 and apart from the funny way your voice sounds, it's still easy to understand and follow your explanations, maybe talk a bit quicker to cover more in shorter time? Additionally, don't forget the sweet spot for rDPS/Healer on Kephess, it's great for HM but vital for nightmare
Thanks for the feedback mate! I believe what Crossward was referring to was the lengthy intro not the video itself. With that the intro for the Kephess video was brought down from 38 sec to 13 sec so I feel that was a reasonable response to the feedback received not only from Crossward but others as well. The Kephess video itself from start to finish is about 14 minutes long. The kill video (about 8 to 9 minutes) at the end of the video is what overbloats the run time. The mechanics explanation and strategy information is contained in about 14 minutes which i feel is reasonable for the amount of detail it contains.

As to the video guides themselves there is a method to the madness so to speak. With the state of Operations in 4.0 Story Mode ops no longer represent an environment conducive of laying the ground work for foundation mechanics. Several Story Mode Operations have had mechanics pulled from them or restructured damage profiles that no longer punish players for mistakes made. For these reasons as well as the bolster inherent to the Story Mode Operations many players experience with detailed mechanics and strategies in these Operations amounts to "Don't stand in stupid and don't die."

With the feedback I received prior to this project there was a huge desire for detailed information pertaining to mechanics, how to handle them, and minimum DPS requirements from the greater SWTOR community through email, the forums, my website, etc. Because of the state of Story Mode Operations I felt it was better to detail the Hard Mode Operations and explain differences between Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode than to do it from Story Mode and up. Honestly, it just came down to community demand and the workforce we have behind the project. The Hard Mode videos will be more indepth and longer than their Nightmare counterparts. The Nightmare videos will only reflect changes from Hard Mode to Nightmare, a DPS analysis, and Nightmare kill video. All information regarding foundational mechanics and stratagies will be directed back to the Hard Mode videos for reference.

My apologies for the lengthy response. I dont think i mentioned the big picture setup between the Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode videos at the time this post was created.