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03.21.2018 , 09:59 AM | #14
Greetings! I am interested in an NiM progression team. I am available as a DPS and a Healer. Though I prefer healing most of the time, I am also above average with DPS.

unfortunately I only parsed 8.5k on the dummy today. It has been a few years since i parsed on a dummy, but my gear rating right now is 246. I also only have 4 of the 236 augments. The rest are min/max of 228. For DPS I run a Vig Guardian. I also have an Imp side Jugg and legacy gear. I also heal on a Sage and Sorc, again with legacy gear. I have alot of skill and knowledge in both and I enjoy doing both. I have done progression raiding with both as well and know most fights, with the exception of Temple of Sacrafice, HM and NiM mechanics. I could also tell you that I completed EC NiM under 2 hours for the achiement, but we both know there was a period of time before they scaled up to level cap that lots of people face rolled it. I also have experience as a raid team leader for the better part of 2 years. Though I do not wish to lead, I have the understandings of all classes and mechanics and how everything flows together.

You times and dates work great for my schedule. I do run with my friends on Wednesday nights and sometimes firday or saturday as a fill in for fun. Never will I have my toon locked out for our sunday and monday runs.
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