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This was all a bit silly to begin with. No offense OP but it doesnt sound like you are very familiar with raiding in general. No need to correct what others have, but I will say that it's not something you can just run in and do and then expect to clear it. NiM raiding is hell, always has been, always will be. You most definetely wont clear it or really much with randoms from the forums. Starforge has some NiM raiding people you just have to look around, but you probably don't want to start there. If you haven't done HM progresion consistently you really won't be ready for nim.

Never pulled hateful myself, but doubt its that bad. It's a 16 man, very rarely are 16 man ops ever that rough. It is mostly lag and stupid crap that makes them hard. I wouldn't say just give up if you want it that badly, like all raiding it will just be something you have to put a lot of work into to get what you want out of it. But if you just expect to go in a stomp something, don't bother trying.

Satele Shan is a better server for NiM and nim is a lot easier than it has been in the past. We're about 6 gear levels over where the bosses have been tuned to. Many bosses have been nerfed as well, also, so it is most certainly doable. It's fun too. Raiding, especcially on a nim level is hard because mess up once, or fail the number checks, you wipe.

At any rate OP, wish you the best of luck