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11.13.2019 , 04:42 PM | #1
While we all usually enjoy this game - some of us for years - the Onslaught Roll Out was a thing that left most us eager to know exactly what you crazy kids at BioWare are smoking on a daily basis. We all understand that your developers were abused children who were picked on in high school, but who in their right mind authorized an expansion to include a series of mandatory daily quests that have us all poking around through blades of grass for hours looking for a quarter-inch object that never seems to respawn? A system for a level-based inventory that doesn't list by item level? An asteroid base that resembles a crazy labyrinth where NO ONE would want to live? A required Op to progress a story line? A limit on a bounty contract a DAY? Go back to the drawing board, people, and give us the excellence that we're all used to instead of working out your childhood angst on your devoted fan base. End of line.