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If you think that such a thing is more important then the damage output... I must disagree. I will tell you why, because each class has its own raid buff... but they still have higher damage output... while sorcerers hang in the back... sorry but that is the reality. While their raid buff is as valuable as any other... One raid buff skill, can't overcome the lack of damage. Simply because it will help, but it won't pull you to the top. I am not sure why there should be top and bottom DPS, that would be unbalanced. A game which is balanced is a game which equally gives important skills to all classes and the same damage output for DPS and the same defense and threat levels for tanks, and the same healing outputs as the rest... that is truly balanced game and Bioware is far from that... if they continue to use this stupid table of higher and lower... they will never have happy players. That how things truly are. If they want true balance they should consider putting DPS and the rest of the stats for the specific classes on the same pedestal if not with skills then with gear...
I really have to agree with this one specific point, a raid buff cannot be the purpose of a class and it's only real asset. 10 seconds out of a boss fight isn't very much. Furthermore, Sorcs are not the only ones all have raid buffs of one sought or another, they all aid the group as a whole and contribute something towards the clear. Sorcs have their raid buff, Assassins have Assassin's shelter, Marauders have blood thirst, Mercs have their alacrity raid buff, so it really can't be used as a sole reason for a classes relative position compared to other classes.

That said, I do however agree with the other poster who stated that Star Wars is not the only MMO where DPS output is not uniform across DPS classes and I don't think they should be. The only way that could be fair is if you than have every dps spec with heals and defensives at the same level. That would render classes and specs nothing more than aesthetic choices. People tend to try to want to overlook all of the things a class brings to the table in determining relative DPS among the classes. In that regard Sorcs bring a great deal of utility and support that the more directly combat orientated classes do and this must be taken into consideration. That said, things like self heals, mobility, escapes, CC packages, perma-stealth, off healing, off tanking, bringing people back from the dead during combat , attack range, ease of play and a host of other abilities absolutely effect outcomes even if they do not cause direct damage. - This is the inherent problem with how BW has attempted class balance in 5.x. The less self sustaining a DPS spec is the more damage it should do. The more heals a DPS spec has the less damage it should do compared to DPS specs with less or no self heals. You can't have a spec with the option to heal itself do the same damage as a one that can't . There is a cardinal rule regarding DPS output, you can't DPS when you are dead. Again, not saying that difference should be huge, it shouldn't, but it should be in some measure.

The problem with Sorc DPS self heals isn't that it comes at the price of DPS, it should come at the price of DPS, the problem is that some other DPS specs with self heals don't pay for their heals at the price of DPS [Mercs and Sniper's for example] and they should, just like Sorcs. Given the very nature of Sorcs, they should have the best self heals among DPS specs. Heals and DPS are inherently linked in terms of balance. You cannot base survival soley on damage mitigation DCDs because they do not provide any rebound. Both contribute greatly to relative survival.

If Sorc DPS cannot meet the minimum DPS requirements to complete all content, than they should be buffed to that level, but I don't think that is actually the case.