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I think the mentality of dps is all that matters has absolutely obliterated specs, classes, and even whole games in the past. To everyone who overlooks raid utility I have to say shame... (because I'm not really a pvper but this could potentially stand against that as well). As others have pointed out dead dps is 0 dps. Groups that get hung up on progression are often held up due to a mentality that is "I must deeps and fill my role at all times no matter what" then end up dead of end up with a dead team mate they could have saved. A couple GCDs to save someone are worth so much more than the extra 20-30k damage you could have put on that boss. Not to mention your damage buff for the raid should easily close the gap that they have to "carry" you through. If you give everyone even a 50dps increase through that then you can easily make a point there is 300+ dps would be gone if you weren't brought. That extra boost helps get your group through burn phases and more. The pull can legit save someone from fire/cc they got hit with and at a small cost of 1 gcd.

I'm not saying being higher wouldn't be nice... I mean who doesn't like sliding their face across their keyboard and being number 1? But the gap isn't that big. This game has a difference between the specs which is expected but that gap is so small it ain't funny. It's just dps is a good trade for being able to have a large impact on a fight. Frankly for GS being able to reduce all damage on the whole raid by 20% for 20 seconds I would say they might do too much damage. That is a spell that can single handedly change an attempt. Sorc has some of the best spells that are hidden on usefulness to logs that people overlook. It's a shame.

Oh and if your raid lead is hanging you out to dry because your dps wasn't up to snuff because you saved someone or tried to save someone then you should look at them and their mental stability as a stumbling block more than trying to blame a class. All the classes in tor are made to offer so much more than just dps. But if it's not able to be measured people don't care about it and whine about what can be measured.

What is the worth of a good raider? What makes a good player? Is it how well they can use the same static rotation of 50% of their spells that they get to practice on day after day to eek out that last 20dps their spec limits them too (maybe changing the duration of a fight by 5-10 seconds)? Or is it how well they use the spells that can't be practiced by simple spam on a dummy but can alter the outcome of a fight entirely?

10% less damage than the top classes isn't going to make your team fail. Mistakes that kill you because your trying to prove your place on a team will.