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Aside from the fact that matchmaking doesn't consider classes so its likely one side will not have a sniper? Even if both teams did, the mechanic is still broken. An ability shouldn't just give complete immunity like that. You have zero ways to stop him from rolling in with entrench and casting the item to disable to point.

Hell, the same problem applies in huttball. They can sit on the ledge with entrench. Can't be lept to, can't be pushed or stun. Entrench, roll with immunity into the endzone and laugh. Its a broken mechanic.
I understand your point, but it's all about making the best of your team's mix of classes.
If you don't get a sniper or gunslinger, are you gonna complain if your team got an extra sorcerer with Phase-walk, so they can teleport to the mods the minute they spawn?
Are you gonna complain if you get an extra 2 mercenaries, which in tandem are really hard to kill if they are both off-healing one another and synching their DCDs?

Trouble is, with the current population, it's not possible to make sure every team has exactly the same make-up in classes.

You have to play to your strengths. More stealth classes, more or less melee, more healers, fewer tanks, more-off healers.

Yeah its always gonna be slightly lopsided. - But even if you class match each team, clever play or superior players will always swing it in their favour.

You'll never get exact balance. - not unless they can account for age, experience, sobriety, mental state, commitment to winning, hour of the day or night ....

Those intangible things that might just swing a match one way or another. I play worse in the mornings, I play better with a beer or two inside me. -Does that mean I can't play in a match against early-birds who remain sober?

TBH most WZ are just a bit of fun. Especially so in regs. - you win some you lose some. No point in over-thinking it. Especially as one or 2 players can excel and win a match or not try hard and lose it.

You are at the mercy of 15 other people. - None of which you can easily micromanage. In the end, there is no point over-thinking it.

If it means more than that, roll a sniper and enlist another 7 snipers and go with a no-heal no-tank, no melee team.
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