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01.12.2012 , 09:46 AM | #23
Here is my "back of the envelope" math:

Energy Blast:

Average Base Damage = 758
Intimidation Modifier = 45
Blaster Augs Modifier = 23

Total Damage = 826


Average Base Damage = 651
Frontline Offense Modifier = 39
Internal Damage (DoT) = 784
Blaster Augs Modifier (DoT) = 24

Total Damage over 15s = 1,497*

*I'm making a conservative assumption absent testing that Frontline Offense only impacts the "front end" damage on Gut. I'm also only applying Blaster Augs to the DoT (Internal)

Now the two key questions:

1 - Do you plan to use E-blast more than once in a 15 second window?

2 - Do you care about the energy return feature in E-blast?

In my opinion (need to test obviously) the energy return isn't material enough to justify the loss in damage (threat) in scenarios where E-Blast is used once every 15 seconds. I don't know that you really buy yourself the ability to string in another ability due to the return (if so then obviously the value increases for E-Blast.)

Secondly, even if you use E-Blast every say 10 seconds you can still clip Gut in before the DoT fully expires and potentially stay ahead.

Thanks again, good discussion.