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I would be interested in knowing how much you parse for both MM and full Madness, I do substancially lower dps in MM, and I've played the spec a fairly long time in non-rated WZ., and was very much inclined to believe that it could outdps full madness in PVE.

I feel like we are wasting a ton of non-dps skill points only to get +30% crit dmg on maul and out of steath blackout. Sure we are now able to have near 100% UK uptime, but I think it benefits only Maul and Assassinate. We do give up 6% dmg increase on thrash which is 25-30% of our dps, to gain +10% bonus damage, that seem to breakeven for thrash. We gain a global by not having to refresh CT but it's lost to the UK refresh. In term of DPCT I don't think that shock+ increased maul bonus and crit damage outdps CT by a significant margin, if at all. And we lose 3% force crit and 10% crit dmg on DF and dots. Also without CT, more of our Deathmark are being eaten by CD, which ticks REALLY low compared to discharge and CT.

Like it has been said before, the only time we gain something is during 30%- phase, where we gain good damage on a 6sec CD huge hitter and longer burst thanks to dark embrace. I can imagine in this case it might pull slightly ahead, and it is not insignificant since execute phase are important. So if you could execute the dummy once you've done X damage, I guess this spec might not be so far from full madness, but would still lag fairly behind in raid environment with movement, non-dps phases, target switching etc. That is the pure madness spec I run in TFB, still keep shock and UK, the only difference between it and mad maul is trading more force regen and harder mauls vs. stronger dots and CT. UK (benefit thrash too) should be up for as long as possible in either spec and should not be hard to keep up. Someone told me about TOR assistant and it really helped in keeping track of buffs and dots.