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Plaga pls know that I am not blindly defending my position and trying to counter you just because you don't agree. I am happy that Assassin has a play style that you enjoy so much. If you are having success exploiting every defensive option Assassin has then go rock it. Just know that I do not think Mad Maul is the best pvp option, I have stated it many times. You really don't have to tell me about what specs are good, I still rock them all. I still go in WZ's as 23-1-17, 0-14-27, 0-28-13, and even 23-14-3, I play these specs all the time, and some of these specs I have played for weeks and months at a time. I do know them very well. Once again my guide was directed at pve, with a pvp option if you will.
In PvP gear: My stats for primary combat skills in the 3/7/31.

Discharge: 3081 Energy
Creeping Terror: 2173 Internal
Crushing Darkness: 1767 kinetic

Assassinate: 3011-3428 kinetic
Maul: 2308-2627 kinetic
Thrash: 722-822 x2 kinetic
Death Field: 1835-1899 internal
Force Lightning: 3155 energy
Crushing Darkness: 1196-1260 kinetic
Shock: 1526-1590 energy

Overcharge Saber: 100% damage increase on Discharge for 15 seconds.

So a 3k DoT with the ability through Overcharge to make it 6k that you can spam on people for 15 seconds is not worth adding 18% damage to the ability for pve or pvp? I will ask what you think of that especially in PvE without the ability for the NPC's to be adaptive.

I wonder how you think my 2k internal damage dot is weak. That is without any critical ticks with death marks. Against armored boss with very high mitigation skills.

I am wondering in pve if you've parsed out your dps outputs from a standard madness spec to use induction and have an improved force regeneration. I regularly in tank with induction in pvp hit my proc'd mauls for 4-4.8 k. I assume your close to those results.
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