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08.23.2019 , 02:32 PM | #3
Note sure what you mean but I think you misunderstood me ottffsse.
Its current intention is to only proc once per 10 minutes. Also you can't click off the debuff icon in the tray.

My beef is that a cooldown of 10 minutes means I can only use it once per boss fight.

Other tacticals will either:
- grant me 25% shield/absorb for about 100% uptime
- grant me 20+% DR increase (all types) and a reduced cooldown on oilslick
- apply 50% DR for 6s to my co tank
- << insert juggtank and assassin tacticals>>

Essentially other tacticals are just much better. There is little to no reason to take life warden as is. Not even in PvP I think (10 minutes in PvP is rather long ....... in regs I mean)
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