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I used my cell phone too. At least i do know how to enter paragraphs on my phone, which assists in readability compared to giant walls of text.

In other words, my slight grammar errors do nothing to affect your ability to read or understand my argument. Your consistently terrible grammar, coupled with an inability to create paragraphs, and repeated over-emotionality makes your argument far less intelligible.

Fyi this is from my phone too, want a screenshot?

And on the skill v skill thing - thats where the rock paper scissors analogy came in. There are some classes that are innately better at some things than others. Thats the nature of the beast, really.
Hmm you seem to be the emotional one who can't spell. I have limited time and thus can't go through it all didn't think it would be THAT big a deal I guess I was wrong most peeps just suck it up. Guess your lazy and bad speller. You had bad grammar and bad spelling mine was just paragraph spacing

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