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09.19.2018 , 12:05 PM | #12
Well grammar Mr. Nazi you forgot the camma after Oh in:
According to you we shouldn't have had a chance. We won handily. Skill >> class. Oh and by the way, the guardian got focused first. In less than 30 seconds he was dead, bursting through 12 full stacks of FD

you misspelled thats, hesitate , anti-focus, far in:

Sins are a hit and run class, as the least mobile melee class guardians are not. If you choose to use your class abilities in an attempt to number farm damage rather than utility, thats on you not the class. You choose when to use something for offensive or defensive purposes. I would hesistate to say that using your stealth out as an antifocus tool would make you fsr less susceptible to being focused. I do this with reflect: do i use it for max damage reflected or save it for when i might need it as a DCD?

Pardon my wall of text, I, my defense I was at work and I did write it on a break on a cell phone no less. To be honest you saying sins is hit and run is your opinion when your cloak is easily broken cloaking out and running become ineffectual at hitting and running because you just end up dead.

I assumed you have the intelligence to understand I was talking about all things being equal i.e. best o the best in skill level not random matches with peeps with no clue on how to play the class your scenario is apples to oranges.