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OK, off the top of my head, I think this is a step in the right direction... I do see some things both good and bad in the way you have this set up.

First off, what is to stop monstrous guilds from having their entire guild be the representatives for each class? It would not be hard to imagine one group of people literally being able to control these positions. Then it becomes what that guild and/or guild leader thinks is the problems, not what each class as a whole thinks.

Second, what stops this from being a popularity contest? I know from personal experience that people get really upset when their favorite person does not get this type of position, or that the person voted in is popular and just ignores everyone but the people he/she thinks is cool.

Third, I think that if these people are going to step into this role need to be somewhat vetted a little bit. I really would hate to think that the favorite forum troll gets this type of responsibility (albeit as little as it is to a point) and turn it into a non cohesive rant.

Fourth, what is to stop a person from using multiple accounts to be "elected" multiple times?

In my honest opinion, you need to make this similar to the player correspondent/representative/senate (whatever you want to call it) positions they have at SOE for their games (past and present). I know you have people on staff that are intimately familiar with the system (or at least you did) as I am. People should be applying for this, not being given a popularity vote. These people should show some type of community leadership abilities on the forums and in game. These people should be helpful and courteous and not be rude or disrespectful to community members. They also should not have any in game or forum infractions that resulted in bans (even temporary.

These members should also be around to help players. A central, and knowledgeable voice that new players should be able to turn to for help. This is something that I think is truly lacking in this community. I so often see people ask questions in game or on the forums only to see multiple L2P comments or similar garbage.

Now I know having the other things adds stress to doing something you are essentially volunteering for, but it helps weed out those just looking to have their name in lights from those who just want to help.

And trust me, having spent a better part of almost 2 years at SWG doing the correspondent/senator gig, it can be stressful and it can make you a very unpopular person at times when things do not go the community's way. You have no idea the hate mail/PMs I would get on a daily basis because some change was made to the game against the wishes of the community I represented on the forums. It takes special people to a point to let that crap go. Some people, no matter how hard they try, can't help but to respond to those types of messages. Even without giving these people the extra responsibilities that I and others had over there, it's still going to happen when someone sees that their "issue" was not brought up and they think it's so important.

You could also have these people using their new found status as a soapbox. And trust me that it can be very tempting to do.

This program as you have it now, it at least appears to me, has been haphazardly put together and looks very sketchy (not sure if that is the best choice of word) as to how long it can last as is. I do think you all mean well, but I really think that someone may need to rethink this as a whole. I really think it needs more on BioWare's end of the stick here (so to speak).

Again to reiterate, I don't think this is a bad idea, I just think it needs tweaking.
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