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So why is nobody talking/posting youtube vids with Merc Arsenal from the pts 6.0 ? Is it that bad ? All i see is OP Snipers talk , mara fury doing even more damage and the run of the mill sorcs and the broken PT Pyro aoe king.

Can someone clarify this matter ? Is the Arsenal Merc on par or worse with the rest ?
I mean mercs did not get anything new except pretty nice aoe damage with a certain tactical. And in general io got slightly better goodies and damage. Given that merc defensives did not get tuned down they are still very strong...but probably on par but not noticeably better than well played fury maras and yeah the gods of pvp...snipers.

Also lightning got and is getting some very nice damage goodies if the pts changes remain as they are so with their passive dr and 35meter range could be joining the selected strong group as well.

Basically PTs and Operatives are still a few chain stuns away from being globaled, though concealment has sick burst if not dealt with.
ref Melisen / Sage Zrella / Sorc