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This thread is nothing more than "I hate Rage Maras so stun bubble is OK". That logic doesn't even remotely make sense. Since you can bubble anyone and both teams can easily fill their rosters with bubblers and maras, all this does is make the game a "stun and smash" fest. Is that really what you want? Wasn't there enough stuns in this game already? Do we really want more? Especially more that add a ridiculously pitiful amount of resolve? Why do Maras make other things OK? Why are Maras at the center of every argument? Stun bubble has nothing to do with Maras. Maras are another argument entirely. Surely you Mara whiners can find one of the other 50,000 anti-Mara threads to go complain in. The rest of us just want not to be stunned for half the WZ. THERE ARE MORE MELEE CLASSES THAN SITH WARRIORS. OMG people, one melee being OP doesn't mean all melees should suffer for it.
Tbh assassin damage is pushing it as well. The only difference is that lolsmash is a 1-hit wonder while assassins are a 3-4 hit wonder.
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