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11.24.2012 , 10:44 PM | #511
A better solution would be to make it so the bubble would only activate on damage break. In addition to making the stun last for a lesser duration when cast onto another player.

Massively increasing the stun resolve to even 600 would brutally kill full lightning even more and hurt the hybrid spec. Unlike other classes, sorcs rely on kiting and managing the opponent's resolve bar in order to survive. Increasing the stun resolve would make it so that sorcs would be filling thier opponent's resolve bar incredibly quickly. with no way to stop this other than not using the bubble at all. The problem is sorc against a full resolve player is a free kill, because without kiting or cc the sorcerer has no way to kill or even defend against the opponent. Being that every other class has higher burst and defenses means that smart cc usage is required to beat another class as a dps sorcerer.