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Yes, this indeed poses a problem. My idea was to come from way below the satellite, at least forcing the bomber to switch to the more open top side. It still is not ideal, but as long as I can see the mines/drones, I can use the EMP missile on those. This (at least in my naive world) strongly reduces the damage potential of any bomber.
I've been testing out such a build, just for fun. A CP pike with EMPs, concussions and heavies is actually a better bomber killer than bombers, in my opinion. Landing concussions on bombers is possible (even if it's hard), and every time they drop a mine or drone you EMP it. Free hull damage and you can disable their shield ability for pretty much ever, making them food for your team.

The only (and sizable) downside is that you're scout food. Against any team that knows what it's doing, you'll be dead in a minute, and the only thing you can do against scouts is avoid them and hope someone kills them.

Still, it's a fun build. Try it out!

Edit: In regards to your build, torps are useless under a satellite. 2.7 seconds is more than enough time for any competent bomber to LoS you. Disabling engine abilities is useless against bombers too., so disabling shields is much more useful. Also, if you intend to fight bombers, CP is much better than directionals. You can get up to 94% DR, and don't forget if you eat a seismic or concussion mine, it's gonna hurt a lot with directionals.

Barrel roll will be less useful than koiogran turn, since it means that the first lock you break you have to leave the node. With koiogran turn, you can stay on it while avoiding missiles.

If you want to lock torps anyway, I'd suggest the firing arc is better than the speed for clearing nodes.