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Hey guys!

(Lengthy intro - essential information further down. )
I would like some input on an anti-bomber strike fighter build. A little background as to why I am thinking about such a thing: I love to play my Sting, and I think I am a formidable scout pilot. However, I feel pretty helpless in domination matches in which the other team consists of several bombers defending two satellites. I lack the staying power and the tools in my scout to take on a holed-up bomber, and as team-play seems not to be the Empire's strong point on T3-M4, I usually end up flying loopings between satellites hoping to catch the one or other strike fighter or scout which strays from the flock. I have tried to play a gunship, but sniping is just not for me - thus, I am looking for an alternative in these matches.

In short: Looking for a ship (not a gunship) and build to free satellites from bombers with minimal help from my team.

My idea: Build a missile carrier (Quell) to damage bombers from far away, disable mines/drones and then finish them with blasters as needed.

Build proposal: Dulfy's calculator
The build focuses on optimising missile use (large payload, slightly shorter reload times, etc.), with heavy lasers for shield piercing and armour ignore to finish off damaged enemies. Increased turning rate and lightweight armour to not be too easy a target in dogfights. I am not totally sold on the armour though, as the other options seem better in surviving mines.

What do you pros think of this idea? Feasible? Worthless? Any input is highly appreciated.

Happy flying!