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A beginner's guide to GSF requisition.

For gearing ships in GSF the in-game currencies used to purchase upgrades are called requisition. There are two kinds of requisition.

Ship requisition. The Hangar interface icons and text relating to this kind of requisition are displayed in green. Ship requisition can used to unlock access to a component on a ship that you already own and it can be used to purchase upgrades for a component that is already unlocked.

Fleet requisition. The Hangar interface icons and text relating to this kind of requision are displayed in a light purple. Fleet requisition can be used for the same things as ship requisition, but it is the only kind of requisition that can unlock additional ships and additional crew members. Fleet requisition is also earned at a much slower rate than ship requisition is. It is possible to use Cartel Coins to convert ship requisition into fleet requisition, but that can get expensive if you do a lot of it. It is best to reserve your fleet requisition for unlocking new ships and crew members. There is a conversion button >> in the Hangar interface.

Unlocking and mastering a ship's components for a good ship build typically takes 135,000 to 175,000 ship requisition. Wisely spent though, you can get 80% to 90% of the finished build's power with the first 50,000 to 60,000 requisition. The build guides in Stasie's guide are very helpful in figuring out what to upgrade first. Unlocking a new ship takes 2,500 or 5,000 fleet requisiton depending on the ship, and unlocking crew members takes 1,250 fleet requisition. Crew members can also be unlocked by leveling up your character and aquiring the companions in ground game play.

Daily GSF missions provide 938 requistion for each ship you have unlocked, weekly missions provide 3,125 ship requisition for each ship you have unlocked and 625 fleet requisition per week. To complete the missions you need two games for the daily and 7 games for the weekly, and as with the daily and weekly ground PvP missions wins count as 2 games.

If you play every day and do the minimum number of games needed to finish the daily and weekly missions it is fairly easy to earn 13,000 to 17,000 ship requisition per week. Adding one or two extra games per day can push this to over 25,000 ship requisition per week. So with about two weeks of daily play at 2 - 4 games per day you'll have a ship that's almost at full power in terms of gear.

Flying to maximize requisition.

Daily Bonus requision.
In the GSF hangar you may see a little purple mark in the lower right corner of the ship icons that are currently active in your hangar. This mark signifies that the daily bonus is available on that ship. Every day each ship gets a 50% increase in requisition earned per game that can earn up to a maximum of 500 bonus requistion on games flown in that ship. You have to earn about 1500 requistion in matches to exhaust this bonus, which will typically take one or two games flown in that ship. To maximize requisition gains across all ships, fly ships that have the daily bonus active and switch ships once the bonus is depleted. The bonus resets every day, however there is a bug in the Hangar UI where the purple icons indicating that the bonus is available do not reset until after you have played a game of GSF. Don't worry, you still get the bonus for that game even if the icon hasn't been refreshed.

Gameplay strategies to increase requisition earned per match.

For a subscriber in a stock ship, you should aim to get between 1000 and 2000 ship requisition per match with the daily bonus active. F2P players will earn somewhat less as there is a requisition earned multiplier for subscribing. There is a Cartel Market item that you may be able to find on the GTN that will allow F2P players to get the multiplier as well.

At the end of every game there is a scoreboard, and there are three tabs on it. The third tab displays a detailed list of what actions earned requisition during the game. Game length and daily bonuses can make up large amounts of the requisition earned, but you should be looking at the categories that are more strongly influenced by how you play. Defending satellites in domination, destroying satellite turrets, kills, assists, etc.

What you want to do to maximize requisition is find things that you are good at doing that also get a lot of requisition. As an example, a new player in a stock ship is going to have a hard time racking up a lot of kills in a domination game. Defending a friendly sat, or joining a group of more skilled pilots as they capture an enemy sat (and making sure not to get killed while doing so), is going to yield much more requisition than chasing an enemy scout ship across the map for five minutes.

In general for newer players to get good requisition in a game try to:

Domination Matches
Defend satellites (fly very close to a friendly satellite, roughly 250 m or less if you can), Capture satellites (be alive and in range when it turns), and if you have weapons with armor piercing destroying turrets on enemy sats.

Team Death Matches
Get assists. To do this shoot and hit a ship that's being attacked by a more experienced pilot. The goal is to do a little damage to it before the experienced pilot kills it. Gunships and dronecarrier bombers are the easiest to do this in. Scouts can zoom in get off a few shots and boost back to safety but are vulnerable while in the middle of the fight. Strikes, are in general going to have a difficult time, staying close to cover helps a bit in terms of surviving, but in most cases they will earn requisition at the lowest rate of all of the ship classes.
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