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The normal henchmen contracts on Hutta and Ord Mantell can only be done up to level 26. At level 27 they vanish from the mission board.

This means that a new character can't get the complete story for henchmen and kingpin on Hutta, unless the char was created during a bounty week and managed to arrive on fleet and find the event before leveling to 27. It's also an unnecessary hurdle for achievement-hunters since you may not be able to get the alive and dead achievements on the starter planets, unless you do nothing but the event with those chars to avoid leveling past 26.

This actually was a change introduced in Patch 2.3.2:
Characters above level 27 are no longer able to accept Hutta and Ord Mantell Bounty Contracts.
There was a reason to lock us from doing the quest at a higher level. I was there, and saw the experience new players would get on those planets (mainly Hutta where two of the informants are in the starter building). But things have changed since then: There is level sync now, the mobs that spawn for a level 20 player aren't any more impressive than those that spawn for a level 70. There also aren't that many players still doing the event, and those who do, know that there is no need to camp the informants inside the Hutta cantina as there are plenty of them outside. And yes, there aren't as many players overall, old and new, as there used to be back then.

So the suggestion is to allow us to (again) do the normal Hutta and Ord Mantell contracts regardless of our level. If you still have concerns, move the informants outside the cantina, so other players fighting them isn't the very first impression a new player gets from the game.
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