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You realise that with these thresholds, min-maxers have essentially 4 toys to play with; no alac, the 1st threshold, the 2nd threshold and the 3rd (I think you can reach it?). This is heavily limiting on what you can actually do. Min-maxers get more freedom if the stat works correctly at any alacrity value as the 'toys' are vastly greater in number.
Before it was well-known, people just went for a certain threshold of crit and put the rest in alacrity. Not exactly freedom.

Now we get to reach a certain threshold in alacrity and put the rest in crit, or reach a certain threshold in crit and a different kind of threshold in alacrity and put the rest in mastery/power. Alacrity past the thresholds still has benefits for insta-cast classes like force regen, so it's not useless past the threshold either. Then you also have classes like combat sentinel which require a different threshold for alacrity.

I prefer systems that give you clear thresholds for clear benefits and disadvantages instead of having you manage stat meters to very slightly improve your DPS.