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I'm interested in joining your Imperial guild (and if things work out, possibly the Republic guild at some point) because I'd like to make the game more social and/or interactive. The last few years were particularly bad for me for multiple reasons which I'll spare the details here, but essentially much of my social skills have deteriorated and I'd like to regain those.

I'm relatively new to SWToR; I've played it for maybe two months in the last three to five years. I pretty much treated it as a single-player game, playing through the story mode to give myself something to do when I was bored. I had gotten annoyed with the barebones F2P options and stopped playing the game for a while. I returned to the game last summer, before Onslaught was set to release - I leveled up some more, played through a bit more of the story, but only for a few days before putting the game off a second time. I've returned again about two weeks ago after a friend shared a referral.

I have about 15 years of MMO experience across multiple games and vary degrees of content levels. I've raided in World of Warcraft at a Heroic level over several expansions. I've played Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 at a relatively decent level of difficulty. I was a little more casual with City of Heroes.

My main character is a Sith Sorcerer; Basically fresh 75. I'm working my way through the pre-expansion story content - It's more like "plodding", but I digress. I'm really just taking my time, playing a few hours each session. I'd like to dive into Flashpoints and stuff like that at some point relatively soon while I have an active subscription. I'm also sort of killing time while waiting for the Shadowlands expansion for WoW.

My in-game name is Taalutiia. Currently, I'm easiest to catch in the evening and I've usually been playing late at night/early morning US-EST.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
We haven't seen you online SWTOR in a couple weeks , but glad we finally got you invited and hope all's well!

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Hi there!

Like many others, Im a player from the beginning returning after a long absence. Have been running solo for the last few weeks just making sure I was committed enough to jump in and stick around! Ive found I have missed it, and now want to join up with some buddies and just have fun.

My main toon is a sharpshooter named Manwolf. Lvl 75. Not geared well yet but Ive figured out the armor process. Im a long time crafter, and have 5 other toons levels 35-50.

Im still the guild holder of our old guild, have no idea how the heck to resign! Id love to join. Im player and willing to contribute however I need to!

Thanks for listening!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manwolfe View Post
As my Sig shows......I have a toon named Manwolfe, as well as my main who is Manwolf.
Glad we were able to connect finally in-game and hope you've been having fun yep! ttyl i'm sure!

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Hi, is your guild still looking for recruits?

. i have done all of the story lines. All 4 Sith are at 75, merc and sniper also. Op is closing in on 65.
For pubs i have a 75 sage, 70 scoundrel, 70 sentinel, 69 commando.

i can fit in both sides.
Yes indeed, we are always recruiting for as long as this forum thread exists and as long SWTOR exists

Anyways, what is your most played in-game name & side? Or just see my OP on page 1 and send me in-game MAIL if you're still interested in trying us out.

regards, Neestar (republic side) and Neevil (imperial side)
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