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This is such a good question for me, I am like a super pizza hipster. When I was a kid I grew up in New York, so I think traditional NY style pizza is the only type of true pizza there is. That means pizza is always thin crust, and it only comes with two possible toppings -- cheese or pepperoni. I do love some specialty pizzas though, like I love pesto and white pizzas. I always make sure to call them specialty pizza though. Also, don't be that person who eats pizza with a fork and a knife

Everyone enjoy some pizza this double XP weekend, I know I will!

Well, except for Italy, where the proper way to eat pizza is with knife and fork. Asking for pepperoni will get you something other than what most people would expect.

Quattro formaggi, onion, Prosciutto San Daniele and mushrooms on a crust cooked in a woodfired oven. Pure deliciousness.