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01.22.2019 , 12:00 PM | #8697
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Are you giving up playing? Has it got that bad? Or are you going free-to-play for a while?
I still plan on playing free to play. Everything I want to do I can do f2p just fine! I have my account pimped out for it. Lately I've been using most of my game time playing Project Gorgon with my husband, so it doesn't make much sense to pay for SWtOR when I'm barely logging in. I just haven't been able to get engaged with JUS with how little I play. Plus I've been frustrated with the direction of the game (or lack of any apparent direction). I figure if I need to access my credit stash or change which characters I'm using I can either use a referral or sub for a month. I will miss posting on the forums though. I do enjoy joking around with you guys