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Also Snipers need nerfing. I can't leap to them and kill them, and they kill me if I attack them.
They all cheat and pull up some cover and hide behind it, how am I supposed to leap and smash them ?
And if I run to them they can kill me
Please nerf, or simply make an option when queuing in PVP to select "No snipers".
Also those damn assassins keep on going into stealth and don't let me target them
Stealth is cheating...
Maybe not you, but some of the people sound exactly like that, and their demands are ridiculous. I am not telling you L2P because if you have spent enough time you probably do know. The issue is "You are not suppose to be the Hercules of PvP". Some will kill you with ease and some you will kill with ease.
I agree that are people like that in the forums, but don't get me wrong I don't want to see smash getting nerfed to the ground but I think it needs to be tuned down. And I do think that bubble stun has it place, but its not all over a team.

When i play my jugg on smash mode I can usually take 50% of someones health within 2-3 gds with 6k smash, 4k force scream and 2k vicious lash (or whatever is called) and thats not mentioning that smash usually hits anyone near the target for over 5k, and i can do that without being an exceptional player on my jugg, the good ones do even better. Before there was actually a risk into misusing a smash now there is none as its effective cooldown is 8s and its much harder to miss it now. It just needs to be toned down or adjusted so its like combat/carnage where you actually have to think so you dont waste your bust.

Also regarding the premades vs pug I do think there is something that needs to be done. Not because premades have a magical advantage, but because:
A) Usually more experienced and dedicated players take part in premade groups
B) If you play in a premade you always risk geting a terrible pug on your group that loses the game for you by not calling incs , abandoning nodes and etc. Given A the chance of that happening is less likely of you are paired with another premade.
C) It is much more fun to have a close and competitive match than one where you just face roll people and 3 cap them within the first 2-3 minutes.

Now all these come from a premade perspective , ofc these scenarios do not always happen, you can win against premade teams with pugs and some premades are not excellent, but at least in my experience since launch you are more likely to win in a pug vs premade situation if you are on the premade side.
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